Donation Information

Donations are not expected and/or required to play on our servers. but they are greatly appreciated.
Donations go directly into the extensive and expensive upkeep and upgrades of our dedicated server pc, the 1 tb/s commercial fiber internet line that keeps us logging in with lowest possible ping i can offer, into the support of our beloved DeerIsle map, helps purchase new models for the custom content/items that is requested, as well as some of the tools we use(Ticket Tool, Giveaways, Etc). All donations are 100% funneled back into the server and are in no way used for any sort of gain.

By donating, you accept the following:

– the payment method you use is either yours or you explicit permission to use!
– all Donations are final! If you are banned from or leave our server you can not request a refund of your donated Money!
– if donations get charged back to redeem free shop items it will result in a permanent ban.
– please keep in mind, that all products which you donated for, can be removed at any times if rules are violated.
-donators will receive the “donators” rank in our discord server.
this is in NO way a Pay To Play server.
-all items are purely cosmetic and will in no way affect gameplay of any sort.

– Note: No refunds will be granted as all proceeds go directly to keeping the servers online.

We are not affiliated in any way with Bohemia Interactive.

1. you may commission a logo/clan name to have placed onto one of the following items created by chubby for $5 if you provide the logo, $10 if we have to create it.
-Moab10 Backpack
-FirstAid Kit++
-Apocalyptic Case
-BOC Wallet

we will not alter any one elses creative work other than that which originated from Chubby(Server Owner)..

2. You may commission a texture/camouflage to be done to the same list of items above for $10 if you provide the image, $15 if we have to create it.
this can only be purchased under the KNOWN and UNDERSTOOD condition that those textures/camouflages will be available to all players across the server so as to not create any unfair advantages.

3. Priority Que can be purchased in 30 day increments for $15.

Please contact Chubby before any purchase to ensure your request is available/approved as no refunds are given.
I reserve the right to deny any request i feel is against the rules/policies of this server and/or bohemia.

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